Friday, October 03, 2014

Being Streetwise on the New York City subway

I've never been to the US let alone NY city so I was excited about Street Meat which is a restaurant decorated like Prince St Station.

There was a Harvard gathering that night so we had to sit on the bar tables and Gordan Ramsey also opened his restaurant that night too.

Anyway, here was what we had and it was my first time trying all these items so I don't know if this is what you would really get in New York so I am just going to comment on the taste.
Flushing lamb wrap:
Sous vide lamb with grilled leeks and Xinjiang spices.

This was gorgeous and flavourful, there was quite a lot of sauce too which made it difficult to eat but the flakey roti pastry held it together.
Midtown Halal bowl:
chicken sous vide with secret white greek yoghurt sauce and iceburg lettuce

This was my favourite and surprisingly filling because there was rice beneath it which I didn't expect and the rice was crispy and sticky, while the chicken was tender in generous appetizing yoghurt sauce.
The chicken was slow cooked.

Prince Street Station Sliders:
Wagyu beef tongue, foie gras in a toasted bun.

I was expecting it in a bun and not in a bikini but the toast was actually better, however there was too much butter in the toast which made it a bit sickly.
The wagyu beef tongue was amazing because it was soft and melted in your mouth but the foie gras was almost non existent.
Canal Street wonton crisp:
Potato puree, liver pate and truffle

This was another surprise because I was expecting something that looked like a wonton.
I didn't like this one because the base was a clump of deep fried noodles which were crispy and oily topped with sickly potato mash on top.
Overall, I quite enjoyed the food and I will come back again but there are not many items on the menu though! (To be exact, there were only 10 items on that visit.)
Street Meat
50 Wyndhan Street

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