Thursday, October 09, 2014

Great food in the East of Kowloon

If I had been blindfolded and led here I would not have known that this place was in an Industrial building.

Hong Kong is an interesting city where anything is possible.
From basement restaurants to seatless joints, Hong Konger's can eat in any environment!!
Once I saw a student smuggle snacks into the toilet and ate them!

The restaurant had an open kitchen.

The tables were nicely spaced out with an al-fresco dining area.

They also had toilets which was a bonus because not every restaurant in Hong Kong has a toilet.

At the far end, they have a board with the Daily specials.

Here was what we had.
Beetroot salad with feta cheese:

The salad dressing was surprisingly nice because it was very savoury which made the salad taste good while the beetroot pieces were chunky and acidic balanced by the creamy crumbly feta cheese.
Razor clams:

Personally I am not fond of Razor clams because the ones I have tried were cooked in a Chinese way with garlic or steamed but the clams here were cooked in tomato with pancetta, basil and chili.
It actually made them moreish because the chili kick and tomato was really nice.
creamy spinach:

This was one of the three choices of side dishes.
It was really comforting that this was on the menu because side dishes are always found on American steak/burger menus.
The spinach was sweet and tender with a strong garlic and buttery taste and it was nice that it was not too milky in taste.
I am referring to a milky taste because lots of restaurants think that by adding milk it will taste creamier when the taste of creaminess is totally different to the taste of milkiness.
Fettucine alfredo with mushrooms:

Their fettucine is made in house which is why the texture is firm and slightly tough when you chew it.
The creamy sauce hung well to the strands of fettucine with delicious mushrooms that had an earthy taste.
USDA pork chop with Truffle aioli:

The pork chop was surrounded by crispy cubes of potato and a honey mustard sauce which always complements pork nicely

The pork was juicy and tasty, it was minimalistic which was good because it was fresh and does not really need that much seasoning.
It would taste great with a side of unsweetened apple puree too.
Roasted chicken:

The chicken was a bit raw in the middle but the chicken breast meat was tender and moist.
I would have liked more herbs rubbed on the chicken skin to give it more flavour.
Ice cream float:

This was loaded with sugar but after mixing the icecream with cream soda, it tasted like a gorgeous vanilla milkshake with a light fizz.
Brownie with icecream:

The brownie had a rich chocolate taste.
Banana walnut cake:

This was my favourite because it had fragrant nutty walnuts with banana but I found it a bit too sweet.

The cheesecake was not heavy because it had a strong lemon taste infused into the thick and silky cream cheese.
Kowloon East Kitchen
Shop C, 5/F, Howard Factory Building, 66 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong

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