Friday, October 17, 2014

Cherry Lattice danish at Papillon Caffe

Found out they had a new cherry danish on their Fanpage so went there to get it.

Before I went in the restaurant, I was bursting so went to the loo but you needed a key for it.
Since it was locked, I decided to get the danish and go afterwards.

When I entered the restaurant, the guy working there was so nice, he greeted me with the magic key without me asking.

Anyway, I returned and got the cherry danish.

I got the Pain au chocolat and the Cherry danish which looks like a cherry danish lattice.

Pain au chocolat:

This was nice after it was warmed up, the pastry was flakey and soft with deliciously melted chocolate inside with a buttery fragrance.
cherry danish lattice:

This was my favourite because it was loaded with tart cherries complemented by the sweet buttery pastry.

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