Monday, October 27, 2014

Cute BabyLu series

BabyLu is the latest cute meme at Lucullus!! It is a cute deer with big sparkling eyes who enjoys treats from Lucullus with a slight resemblance to Bambi.

At the store, there were so many items to choose from.

The story of BabyLu!!

BabyLu products.

BabyLu cookies tin.

Here was what I got.

Buttery butter cookies:

These cookies were crumbly and buttery!

My favourite flavour was the chocolate almond and coffee which were great with tea.
Crispy sooo
These are cookie balls and there are so many flavours with a choice of sweet or savoury.

I natrually went for the savoury flavours but there were quite a few that I wanted because they had spring onion, curry etc.
In the end I settled for cheese.

The cheese cookie balls were surprisingly delicious because they were quite cheesy and buttery.
Each one was moreish!
Last but not least, the chocolates were just too cute not to try them.


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