Saturday, October 11, 2014

Taiwanese style KFC

Saw some new items at KFC so decided to try them.

Tried the Taiwanese style fried chicken and the Pineapple egg tart

Taiwanese style fried chicken

The fried chicken tasted the same as the usual fried chicken but it was saltier and the Taiwanese salt and pepper flavourings were not prominent enough.
Pineapple egg tart

I don't like KFC's Portuguese egg tarts but tried it because it had pineapple in the middle.
After taking a bite, you could see pineapple puree.

I actually liked this one because the pineapple puree tasted really nice and fruity and the pineapple taste was more prominent than the egg custard.
As usual, the pastry is very oily and the whole tart is very sweet.

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