Thursday, October 23, 2014

enjoy Appolo's new range of icecreams

Appolo is the oldest branch of froyo in Hong Kong where you choose the fruit of your choice to be blended with the yoghurt.
You used to find Appolo located in old malls, but since most malls have been renovated, Appolo has also enhanced their brand with enjoy Appolo which is part of the Appolo Ice-cream Group.

enjoy Appolo makes ice cream cakes and rolls for selected Appolo retail stores in their new bakery located in Kwai Chung.

The shop decor of enjoy Appolo is girly with lots of pastel colours.

Their cakes and desserts reflect the girly theme too.

They still serve traditional froyo as well for people who just want froyo.

I got the hami-melon froyo because I really like their fruit blended froyos.

hami-melon froyo:

As always, the froyo tasted natrual with blended bits of hami-melon which had a icy sweet and savoury taste mixed with the gently sweet yoghurt.
enjoy Apollo locations:

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