Friday, October 03, 2014

Great chicken satay at Fook Kiu Indonesia Food

This joint on the corner stood out because it was bright yellow and the name looked a bit like Fxxk Ku pronounced in a foreign way!!

I settled for the chicken satay which cost $8.

As well as chicken satays, there are other things to eat.

It was scary seeing her grill it because the kitchen was tiny and the tiny griller was right beneath the sink!!!!

Chicken satay:

The taste of this was amazing, it was as good as the satay place in Shau kei wan, the chicken was tender with a gorgeous smoky flavour, and there was a strong sweet peanut flavouring.
Shop: Fook Kiu Indonesia Food's 
Shop A, 15 Ngan Mok St Tin Hau.
The bill: $8
Service: OK
Yummy factor: great
English Menu: Yes

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