Friday, October 31, 2014

One of the surviving bakeries at Choi Hung

A few years ago, Choi Hung (Pink Shek Estate) was really different but obviously the area is getting revamped to make the value go up.

It is sad for people with relatives who have dementia because they definitely will not be able recognize the place the or the shops.

There are a few still standing but I wonder how long they will last because their second or third generations will probably not want to take carry on the family business.

Anyway, I just went to this shop for fun to look at the old Chinese cakes and decor but ended up getting some chicken biscuits.

They are quite different to the ones at Kee Heung because they are regular in shape and joined together like eggettes so when you eat them you have to separate them.
They were chewy but tastier than Kee Heung because they were not too sweet or salty with a light red beancurd taste.

It was interesting that they had egg tarts with cheese and cream and I wonder if anyone buys them but the owner said Chris Pattern loves them!

G/F, Ping Shek Estate Kam Shek House, 
Ping Shek Estate, Choi Hung

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