Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All you can eat at 滿屋日本料理

Tried the all you can eat at this place and celebrity chef Master Chau was filming there!

The restaurant is nice and spacious.

To order, there are a pile of order forms where you tick the items you want.

My favourite was the aloe vera salad which was sweet and refreshing.

The sashimi was fresh and there was a good variety.

Toro is also available in the all you can eat list and it melts in your mouth.

The fried selection had a good variety including tempura and croquettes.
Each item was perfectly golden and crispy.

The lamb racks were juicy and tasty.

The baked oysters were rich and tasty because the sauce had shiitake mushrooms and bacon which complemented the oysters nicely.

The highlight were the scallops which were served on a hot iron plate that keeps them warm and sizzling.
Each scallop was tender and covered in delicious sweet buttery sauce with crispy sweet onions to go with it.

加入帶子同少少嘅調味料, 然後放上鐵板, 再淋上師父秘製醬汁, 咁就完成架喇
師父話用鐵板一來帶子無咁快凍, 上菜之後仍然可以保持熱度,
帶子如果凍左, 會影響口感而且加埋鐵板做法, 帶子食落會比較香口,
原來師父用鐵板做帶子, 真係有原因, D帶子粒粒肉厚鮮甜,真係100%日本風味架!

They are also doing a birthday promotion so that if you celebrate with six friends or more for your birthday they will give you a bottle of Sake.

The episode that Master Chau was filming at this restaurant can be seen here!

Basement, Metropole Building,53-63 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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