Thursday, October 30, 2014

Belcolade Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Shangri La

Had a relaxing afternoon tea with divine Belcolade chocolate treats designed by chocolatier Stephane Leroux.
It costs $288 for one and $488 for two.

The tea selection was interesting, a huge section of it was Chinese teas so I chose the Tai Hung Po.

The tea had a nice earthy taste which was good when we got to the sweet section because it was good for refreshing the palate.

The tea set arrived with three tiers.


Fizzy lemon, cointreau, cocoa butter
Pear praline saffron, chocolate almond
Pistachio, pineapple, pineapple vanilla
Opera hazelnut, chocolate, almond biscuit

Raspberry chocolate
Eclat d’éclair, almond crumble, ecuador biscuit
Chocolate brownies, cardamon seed, lime , infusion
Coriander praline

Norwegian smoked salmon, sour cream, dill infusion
Duck liver pate, apple, brioche
Iberico ham, tomato ciabatta bread
Poached river prawns, olive oil, spinach bread
Smoked marinated swordfish, foccacia bread
Warm raisin and plain scones with jam and clotted cream.

Started off with the scones which were surprisingly good because they were crumbly with a moist and firm texture on the inside.

They were delicious with jam and clotted cream.

Then I moved on to the savoury selection which was divine, the duck liver pate on brioche was rich and silky.
The prawn sandwich reminded me of a decent prawn and mayonnaise sandwich in the UK.

My next favourite was the Norwegian smoked salmon with sour cream and dill infusion.

Last but not least, it was chocolate time!!
All of them were great with the strong earthy tea.

My favourite was the Raspberry chocolate.

It was great spending an afternoon there having tea in the relaxing lounge and catching up for a chat.

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