Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Great place to enjoy food with friends at Barg

Just behind Times Square is this great restaurant for gatherings because they offer a good range of Western food with reasonable portions!!

Started off with warm and delicious bread with roasted garlic that was so soft and fragrant that you spread on the bread.
As well as garlic, there was a delicious herb butter to complement it.

Then we had the appetizers and mains which really satisfied our hunger as well as being delicious.
Fresh tua tua clams in white wine sauce

These fresh Australian clams were sweet with fragrant basil and thyme which really brought out the sweetness of the clams.
French style crabmeat and Tiger King Prawn toasts

This was stunning, a huge King prawn on top of the toast, it was loaded with crabmeat too with a crispy herb crusted surface.
The crabmeat had a delicious herb taste with chunks of springy prawns.
Caesar salad with smoked salmon

The salad was light with chunky pieces of smoked salmon.
grilled beef salad with japanese horseradish in sesame dressing

I loved this salad because the grilled beef was lean and it was paired with enoki mushrooms which brings out the best flavour of beef while the horseradish made it more flavourful.
S Pizza (seafood with homemade spicy sauce)

I loved the thin pizza base but I found the sauce too spicy.
penne with arugula in pesto sauce

The pasta is green with grassy arugula, a great option for vegetarians.
I would have liked the penne to be softer.
king crab leg risotto

I loved the risotto, the rice was al-dente in rich tomato sauce with delicious pieces of shaved parmesan.
crispy pork knuckle

The pork knuckle was amazing because the skin was crispy and the underside was gelatinous and chewy while the meat was soft and supple without being too salty.
char grilled natrual beef Tomahawk with grilled organic veg and french fries

The beef on bone was huge and it was served with the giant rib for a more dramatic presentation!!! The steak was a little tough, but it was flavourful, complex and well marbled.
It was juicy yet there was a nice charred taste on the surface however I would have liked it more bloody and softer.
molten chocolate pudding, creme brulee

I only tried the creme brulee which was velvety with an eggy taste.
Pina colada mocktail

The mocktail was so nice and cooling because the sharpness of the pineapple and coconut milk went well together.
I can't wait to come here again for gathering and share the pork knuckle and the huge Tomahawk beef!

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