Friday, October 10, 2014

Inconsistent broth at Noodle House

Been here quite a few times because I like their noodles, but the broths are being a little inconsistent!

Lobster broth on the Nth visit:

Delicious strong lobster broth that was sweet with a prawny taste.
Lobster broth on the Nth + 1 visit:

The colour of the broth was dark yellow and the taste was really bland compared to the previous visit.
After telling them, they tried the broth and said it was normal, but the Chef was different to the one on the previous visit, so they probably have different tastebuds.
Then the intriguing thing is that the broth is premade at the factory.
Spicy noodles:

Finally tried the Japanese somen and they were thin and nice but you have to eat them quickly before they become too soft.

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