Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sensational modern Sichuan food

Previously tried King's Taste which is under the same group as Sichuan House and I really enjoyed the food so I knew the food was going to be great here.

When you sit down, they will give you Eight treasure tea which has eight nourishing ingredients such as wolfberries, dried longan, dates, Chrysanthemum flowers and more.
The tea is seasonal so it changes to suit the season.

The tea is Jasmine based and there is a sweet aftertaste with a hint of Chrysanthemum to soothe your palate after eating spicy food.

There were various of appetizers such a spicy cashew nuts and broad beans to start your hunger.

Here was what we had.
奇味粒粒酥* $98:
Crispy pork jowls

These were cubes of pork neck meat which were leaner than I anticipated.
They had a sweet bite followed by fragrant Sichuan peppercorn which slowly came through.
蒜泥白肉卷香蔬* $108:
pork belly in crushed garlic and coriander herb

I don't normally eat Sichuan style pork belly slices because they are fat but here they were paired with a special coriander from Sichuan that does not have such a strong aroma.
This light coriander aroma was great for balancing the fatty pork.
mouth watering chicken

The chicken was great because it was boneless and each piece was on a cocktail stick which made them easy to eat!!
They were tender with a fragrant spicy taste that did not linger.
老四川燈影牛肉 * $108:
old Sichuan translucent beef slices

These were sweet crispy beef slices which had a spicy aftertaste.
The beef was frozen and sliced by the Chef which shows their fines skills.
Although nowadays you can buy laboratory microtomes to thinly slice things.
冰鎮鮮天麻 $118:
Chilled fresh gastrodia elata slices

Gastrodia elata is a herb normally found in soups in dried form.
Here they serve them like sashimi and I recommend ordering it because they are hard to come by.
There were a choice of two sauces but I liked trying them without sauces to see what they taste like natrually.
Without the sauce, the smell was similar to bamboo shoots and the texture and taste were like water chestnuts with a slight bitterness.

茶香雞鴨戀 $158:
tea flavoured duck with chicken filling

This was duck stuffed with chicken which reminds me of Turducken.
Turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a deboned turkey.
The one here was just chicken and duck hence it can be called a Ducken!!!!!!!
The duck part was crispy and delicious with tasty chicken pattie adhered to it.
On the side, there were fried iron buddha tea leaves which were crispy and sweet.
成都水煮桂花魚 **** $288:
fish fillets in hot chili oil

The spiciness is not as spicy as it looks and the fish fillets were silky and smooth with a strong fish taste that you can still taste even though it is drenched in chili oil.
郫縣紅油豆瓣魚 ** $248:
pi county fish in douban sauce

The fish was chunky with tasty bean sauce that was not cloyingly sweet.
內江乾燒京遼參 * $288香辣
Neijiang Fried Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber was soft and delicious complemented by stirfried garlic and mince.
巴蜀香辣爆蝦球 *** $220:
Bashu spicy prawn

When it came, you could see a dish of glowing fiery red prawns in chili powder and I could feel my face radiate. I did not try it because I know I will be in trouble the next day.
The other people tried it and said it was extremely hot!! Phew!!
Fried Rice with Beef and Perilla Leaves

Didn't try this because I was leaving some room for dessert.
滋潤香菓潤喉露 $48:
Malva nut sweet soup

It was my first time trying the Malva nut which was grounded and served as a dessert with orange peel in it.
The texture of the Malva nut was like agar and bird's nest jelly and the taste was exactly like marmalade in a thin watery dessert form.
I found it interesting as well as delicious because I have not had anything like this before so I would recommend this dish to people who like marmalade and it would be great if they had other flavours like apple.
拔絲香蕉 $88:
Candied banana fritters

This is basically a China town dessert with fruit covered in batter and deep fried coated with caramelized sugar.
The Oriental version in Hong Kong involves pulling caramel silk which is why in Chinese it is called butsee meaning pulling silk!
Sichuan House
Wellington Place,
2-8 Wellington St
Tel:2521 6699

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