Saturday, October 04, 2014

New branch of Saint Honores at Hang Hau Station

When I saw the new Crispy rainbow cake I just had to get it, but all the stores were sold out.
It just happens, there was a new branch at Hang Hau station so I was able to get it because it was early in the morning.

I managed to get a form to apply for the VIP card because I had spent over $30 which I am yet to hand in.

Anyway, the cake was visually pretty with colorful layers of cake.

The first layer was blueberry sponge cake, the second layer was egg white sponge cake, the third layer was crispy chocolate flakes, the fourth layer was strawberry followed by green tea and then a sponge cake base covered in creamy mousse.
Overall the taste was really nice because it was not too sweet, but the taste of the different layers did not stand out except for the green tea.
I liked the cake but did not like the crispy layer in the middle because it was just weird like eating egg shells but it seems like a Hong Kong thing because local bakeries like to add crispy things to their cakes.

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