Thursday, October 30, 2014

French black pudding - boudin noir

I have always wanted to try this place because of the boudin noir!!

Finally made it for lunch and ordered the boudin noir burger on top.
For lunch, the choice was pretty good with a choice of escargots as a starter.

The decor was lovely, it felt like being in a countryside barn.


There was tea included and it was IMPRESSIVE! They actually use tea leaves in a strainer and not teabags, hence the tea had a lovely leafy taste.
Quiche with broccoli, brie and walnuts:

I loved the quiche because there was a good generous balance of broccoli florets.

Snails bouchee:

These were a bit salty but the appearance reminded me of fried Haggis balls.
boudin noir burger:

This was French black pudding which is meatier with some fat bits.
It was a bit like pulled meat in cooked blood sauce with a fragrant metallic taste.
The bill:

La Cabane Wine Bistro (Central)
62 Hollywood Road

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