Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bingo it's Bingco from the Food Expo 2014!

Bingco got the most attention at the recent food expo because of the huge long extruded icecream cones that could be made in any shape.

[Photos from Food and Expo 2014]

Now you can get them at Tin Hau, just left of the MTR exit.

The display J cones look like deep fried fish gas bladders (炸鱼鳔)!

When I went, the cones were not ready and the media were there doing a shoot so I left and visited another day.

They didn't have any cones that day so I got the softserve.
There were two flavours: banana and milk or vitasoy which happen to be both that I don't like.
Out of the two I chose vitasoy because banana usually has an artificial taste.
Vitasoy softserve:

The vitasoy softserve was actually quite nice because it tasted like a creamy version of vitasoy and it was not too sweet.
I would have preferred plain vitasoy softserve because I found the cereal and ovaltine powder too distracting.
3 Lau Sin Street,
Tin Hau

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