Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Great view with great food

Not often can you find a restaurant with GREAT FOOD and a GREAT VIEW.
Here you have both provided that you like French food with talents from Mandarin's Amber.

Les Saveurs Private Kitchen offers a private room for two or a big group.

Photos of the restaurant:

Here was what we had that night.

Bread basket:

There was an assortment of brioche, Foccacia and Baguette slices.

We had refreshing cold melon soup which was really appetizing with tomatoes in it.
Scallop carpaccio:

Hokkaido scallop carpaccio, celery fennel cucumber, passionfruit and lime dressing.
The refreshing soup was followed by more tantalizing scallop carpaccio which was dressed in a summery concoction of passionfruit and lime dressing.
Fresh smoked salmon:

Next was the fresh 42 degrees Celcius smoked salmon with smoked caviar, cucumber apple salad and pistou.

The salmon was amazing, it was silky and soft that it melted in your mouth complemented by the saltiness of the caviar.
Mushroom tea:

Mushroom consomme with poached morel, porcini and spinach.
The soup was good because you are normally served creamy blended soups and this broth was healthy with a strong earthy mushroom taste and the finely chopped spinach strands enhanced the presenation of the soup.
Roasted pigeon:
Roasted pigeon breast and confit leg with spinach, cherry and hazelnut oil salad

The pigeon was the best pigeon I have ever tasted especially the pigeon breast because it was sweet and juicy and I loved the tender spinach leaves and fresh juicy cherries that went with it.
Australian M6 Wagyu striploin:
Wagyu striploin with potato gnocchi in blue cheese cream sauce.

The beef was tender and juicy which went well with the strong tasting gnocchi.
cheese platter:

It ended perfectly with a cheese platter with a selection of delicious cheeses from mild to strong. There were delicious jams to go with it and Cherry is the best one to choose.
Coffee granite:

There was a choice of panna cotta or the coffee granite.
I chose the coffee granite because they said that the previous comments were good.
It is basically warm chocolate at the bottom, with vanilla cream in the middle topped with crushed expresso ice on top.

Even though I am not a coffee lover, I thought it was amazing because the warm chocolate at the bottom and the cold expresso ice on top infused into a delicious gooey chocolate mocha smoothed out by the vanilla cream in the middle.
Artisan teas:

To finish off, there was an exotic selection of teas from Comptoir Francais du THE.
I chose the earl grey which was a perfect end to the blissful meal.
★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ 10/F, Universal House, 229-230 Gloucester Rd, Wan Chai
Tel: 2116 8883

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