Monday, October 20, 2014

McDonald's Justice league Superman burger

After the successful Batman burger, Hong Kong's McDonalds have launched the Superman burger.
This time it is a chicken burger, so non beef eaters won't be left out.
It is bun dusted with crushed oats with a slice of processed cheese, crispy chicken patty, two slices of bacon, lettuce and honey mustard sauce.
For sides, it comes with potato cheese balls and Bubblegum Mcfloat which is a blue drink that comes in a Superman cup.

Before we talk about food, lets have a look at the cool boxes.

The burger box was a bit boring but the box for the potato cheese balls was really nice because it had the Superman logo with a diecut so that you can press out the edges of the logo and the same goes with the burger box but Superman's hair is not that attractive.

At the bottom of the box, it is printed with the copyright.

Now, I will go on about the taste of the food!!

Superman burger : Honey Mustard Chicken:

The chicken patty was really nice and juicy but the honey mustard sauce was too sweet and ruined the
burger. I would have liked the mustard to be stronger but it wasn't.

Potato cheese balls:
I really disliked the potato cheese balls because it was processed cheese in the middle.

Bubblegum McFloat:

The drink tasted artificial but then that was expected.

Taro Pie:

The taro pie was sweet and starchy.

The Superman burger is part of the Justice league series so lets see what they have in store for the Green lantern and The Flash.

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