Wednesday, October 01, 2014

321 Action! Rolling out scrumptious food!

Studio 321 is opened by a multi talented guy with a few partners teamed with three young Chefs that serve great food.
The owner used to be in the film industry which is how I found out about this restaurant because one of my friends who was filming 食得招積 is now filming 賭城風雲2 in Macau so I decided to join her!!
Apparently Chow Yun-Fat (周潤發) and Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) were going to dine there that night but the filming location in Macau got changed elsewhere.

Studio 321 serves Italian and French food which is perfect for me because I prefer Western food and for good Western food you have to go to the top hotels in Macau for that and spend a fortune, whereas the price here is really affordable.

The interior of this place is nice with a nice dining area upstairs.

The food was wonderful because it smelt good, looked good and tasted good.

The bread was fragrant and they are freshly made everyday.
My favourite was the pointy one because it had a nice cheesy peppery taste.
French live bouchot mussels in white wine:

These mussels were gorgeous, just like the ones I had in Belgium.
They were FRESH mussels and not the frozen ones which gives them a sweet and soft texture and they were cooked in a strong garlic and white wine sauce great for dipping bread as well.
Sea urchin and squid ink linguine:

Each strand of linguine was tossed in delicious squid ink complemented by the fresh sweet urchin.
Duck leg confit/honey mustard:

The duck leg confit was impressive because it was not too salty and the duck was soft and supple with a delicious crispy tasty duck skin paired with creamy mash beneath it.
Wagyu beef cheek, mash and baby vegetables:

The beef cheek was soft and gelatinous because it was slow cooked for days.
A very satisfying beef cheek infused with red wine with beautiful mash and vegetables.
Earl Grey tea:

As well as the food, the tea was amazing because as a tea lover I was impressed they used tea leaves to brew the tea and not teabags or Hong Kong style tea!!
A good tea is always a good end to a meal especially with desserts and the Earl Grey was fragrant and pleasant.
Peach sorbet with champagne:

I love floats and fizzes and this dessert was just the thing, Champagne was poured onto the peach sorbet and red berries.

It was surprisingly good because the champagne had this savoury bitterness which balanced the sweetness of the peach sorbet.

The red berries and pieces of peach in the sorbet were just refreshing.

Homemade waffle:

I don't often have waffles because they just taste sweet and crunchy, but this waffle was different as it was chewy and the sweetness was just right.
The chewiness comes from the soymilk and glutinous rice mixture that it was made with.
I can't wait to come back again because there are not many Western choices in Macau.

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