Monday, October 20, 2014

A nice relaxing joint for food at Americanos

Found out that there was a new joint in town so decided to check it out.

This place serves burritos and coffee.

agua fresca:
For the drink I had the cucumber and lime was which cooling and sweet but the sharpness of the lime was not there.
rice bowl:

I had the DIY bowl which lets you choose up to four items so I chose cabbage and carrot slaw, fresh tomatoes with onions, cilantro and lime, cheese and shiitake mushrooms.
The chicken was tender and tasty with a charred taste but I didn't like the rice they used because it was similar to pearl rice.
Overall, it was quite tasty especially the black beans but the portion was a bit small.
arroz con leche:

This was rice pudding which was thick and delicious with a hint of cinnamon.
The grains of rice were big and hard.

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