Friday, October 31, 2014

Spooked by Lab Made yet?

If you're a regular at Lab Made, you should know that the icecreams are normally priced at $44 or $39.

For Halloween, the magic number is $31 to coincide with the date 31st!!

There are four flavours:
A - Muddy Graveyard (Evolution) (chocolate and peanut)
B - Bloody Tears (white chocolate with almond and shredded coconut)
C - Worm Grabber (mixed berries cheesecake)
D - Mummy Mocha (illy bean mocha)

I went for the Muddy Graveyard and Bloody Tears.
The presentation of the Bloody Tears was bloody creepy, just the thing for Halloween!

I liked the subtle sweetness of the white chocolate icecream with pieces of almond that gave it a crunch every now and then while the sauce was refreshing.
Next was the Muddy Graveyard which was a strong chocolate concoction mixed with delicious peanut butter that was velvety and nutty without being too sweet.

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