Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dine at Budaoweng anyday and anytime

I have been here numerous times because the restaurant has stunning views of Hong Kong being situated on the top floor.

As well as stunning views, Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine has been awarded many awards.

At Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, you can satisfy your food cravings from dimsums, fresh sashimi to a warming hotpot.

Let's start with dim sum first, everyone is going to love the range they offer with delicious springy and soft steamed Malaysian cakes and plump Hargaus filled with crisp and springy prawns.

Not to mention for people who like Sashimi they have it as well!

Moving on to my favourite hotpot which this place is famous for because they are concerned on quality and not quantity.

My favourite was the fish maw which was soft and gelatinous with a strong taste after leaving it in the broth for a long time absorb the flavours.

They have lobster as well which is sweet and springy but I recommend eating it first before starting on the red meats.

Lastly, they have a lovely grilled platter for sharing which had grilled puffer fish, angus beef cubes and fish.
The grilled puffer fish was sweet and chewy, while the fish was loaded with fish roe and the beef cubes were juicy because the juices were locked in as it was grilled.

經消毒生曬後,製成雞泡魚乾,再經燒烤,成為燒雞泡魚乾,切成長條形上檯, 入口咀嚼時, 條條煙un香口, 真係食唔停口, 用佢來送清酒更加一流!
跟住出場係日式鹽燒多春魚, 對於怕魚骨而少食魚嘅人, 多春魚或者會是一個理想的食材雖然燒多春魚製作簡單, 但要做到多春魚條條香脆, 絕對要睇師父嘅燒烤手勢呢度嘅多春魚連骨都卜卜脆, 真係可以食魚唔lur骨! 哈哈至於汁燒燒安格斯牛肉粒師父用大火將牛柳粒燒至表面焦香,鎖住肉汁,牛柳粒熟得黎,肉質亦不會覺得太乾,仍然鮮嫩可口。

Here is a video of Celebrity Chef Chau dining there.

3/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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