Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hong Kong McDonald's Batman Burger (Justice league)

I was hesitant to try this new Batman burger (DINER DOUBLE BEEF) because the sauces didn't match but decided to try it anyway.
The burger box has two batman ears at the back.

The burger bun has sesame on top.

The burger consists of black pepper and onion sauce, egg, two beef patties, a slice of cheese and dijon mustard at the bottom.

The dijon mustard was really nice because it actually had a nice mustard kick with a touch of sweetness which went deliciously well with the beef patty and cheese but the extra egg and sweet black pepper sauce ruined it.

As well as the burger, there was the Squeezy cheesy fries and sparkling green apple tea as shown below.

sparkling green apple tea:
The drink was really nice to begin with because it wasn't too sweet.
It tasted like a mix of cola and apple syrup, but when I was halfway through I stirred it and mixed the syrup at the bottom which made it too sweet.
So next time when I am going to have it, I will ask for it without the syrup.
Overall, it was a nice drink but it shouldn't be called a tea because there was no tea taste.
Squeezy cheesy Fries:
This was the fun part, you are given a tub of squeezy cheese sauce which you squeeze on to the fries.

Bacon bits:
Then there is a sachet of my favourite dried bacon (reconstituated bacon).

After adding it, the fries looked like this.

Basically the combination of cheese and bacon tasted really nice provided the fries were perfectly done with no rancidness or being overly crispy.
The only complaint was that the cheese and bacon was a little too salty.
In the meantime, I am looking forward to the other new items that will be launched shortly for the Green Lantern and Superman!!!

McDonald' sSuperman burger:

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