Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Soft pin! at Pak Lok Restaurant (Wan Chai)

The night before I was having dinner with a friend and he said that Chinese restaurants would abbreviate dishes in the most abbreviated form you could get.

Went here randomly for breakfast and ordered the pin noodles with soft pork bone (豬軟骨銀針粉).

After paying for it, the guy shouted out 軟針 to the Kitchen which reminded me of the conversation that I had the previous night!!
From pin noodles with soft pork bone to Soft Pin!!!

The broth was actually quite good because it had a rich taste that was not too salty or oily and there was fried egg and a slice of ham which I was not expecting but they were there because it was breakfast.

The noodles were firm and slightly springy but did not absorb the broth so it wasn't that tasty.
Although the taste was average, it was a bargain with all items in it!!

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