Sunday, October 05, 2014

Addicted to nood food

Since they opened in April, I have probably spent more than $1XXX at this place!


Because, their smoothies are divine and their salads are healthy as well as delicious!!!

nood food is where healthy meets delicious. They make cold-pressed juices, raw foods and superfood smoothies from organic ingredients.
As well as that, their logo and artwork for food are funky and vibrant.

Although I don't go to the gym, nood food is actually a healthy food bar that belongs to that fitness club.

Everything is PRICEY at nood food but it was worth it!!

I was impressed they had fresh kale because it is best to consume fresh kale with all the nutrients rather than kale chips.

The kale was really tasty because it was dressed in lemon juice which made it zesty and appetizing.

There was too much choice for superfood smoothies because all of them were enticing!

Most of them are blended with coconut water which makes them so dreamy and addictive because I love the taste of coconut water.
The caramba was amazing because it was a refreshing blend of cucumber, coconut water, cilantro and pineapple.
All their drinks are clearly labelled with printed stickers.

Anyway, there will be more reviews to come when I try everything including their cooked foods.


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