Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe in Hong Kong

It’s comforting to see Mr Simm's olde sweet shop open in Hong Kong.

Any Brit is going to be delighted because this is a major sweet shop in the UK with a big range of sweets including Pear Drops, Curly Whirlies, Wham Bars, Fruit Salads, Rhubarb & Custards, Fudges, Toffees and yes... Terry's Chocolate Oranges.

Flying saucers


rhubarb custards, strawberries and cream

coconut mushrooms

Lovely bon bons in many flavours!

Montezuma’s Great British Pudding Bars: Lemon meringue, eton mess, summer pudding and treacle tart.

I used to get these sweets from the local newsagent because there wasn't one nearby.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see everyone's reaction.

Hong Kong can be a disadvantage for sweets because the environment is HOT and HUMID which means they have to be stored in good conditions when the weather is like that.

However it amazes me that many stalls in Hong Kong have drinks and snacks including chocolate in the blazing hot sun and rain.

In the end I my favourite bon bons and sherbet pips.

I got so many flavours for the bon bon: apple, strawberry and caramel.
They were chewy and soft with a slightly creamy taste.
The sherbet pips had a crunchy exterior with a loose sherbet center.
While I was there I tried black death and that was REALLY SOUR but I loved it because I love acidic sweets!

Anyway, they definitely cost more over here but they're worth it!

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