Thursday, October 30, 2014

Private vegetarian fine dining by Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle

There are not many places that offer private Western vegetarian fine dining so this is probably the first where you can experience gourmet raw food for up to 12 guests at Modus Vivendi.

The food served is organic, vegan and raw ingredients from France, Italy and local markets in Hong Kong which is brought to you by Maya Cafe.

Each private dinner will be different, usually evolving around a country or regional theme creating fusions of traditional dishes or reinventing dishes.

The theme that I had was Summer in Tuscany.

It cost's $880 with pink prosecco wine or $680 with non alcoholic drinks.

There is a cocktail reception with finger food and raw canapes of:
-Rosemary cups with vegan aioli and sundried tomatos
-mini peppers with carrot tagbouli and basil
-almond and black pepper cups with black olive tapenade and pesto
-sundried tomato dip with veggie sticks

mini peppers with carrot tagbouli and basil

-almond and black pepper cups with black olive tapenade and pesto

-sundried tomato dip with veggie sticks

After devouring the canapes, we were led into this beautiful dining setting located in Modus Viviendi`s boutique.

We started off with a refreshing ganzpacho which was tomato in three ways.
Fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, olive oil and black pepper on a bed of crunchy yellow and black tomato surrounded by pool of rich red tomato soup with rosemary n basil.
I definitely enjoyed a cooling ganzpacho to start with thee strongest tomato taste you could ever taste

Then we has lasagne which was made of delicate layers of yellow zucchini filled with luscious tomato sauce and basil pesto with pecan, wilted baby spinach and cashew nut cheese.
The yellow zucchini was sweet and crisp with zesty tomato sauce in the middle

It was then followed by a cheese platter made with nuts.
Tree nuts cheese platter:
-macadamia truffle white cheese
-cashew goats cheese with rosemary
-smoked sunflower cheddar cheese
-fresh cashew cheese with black pepper

It was mind blowing how good these cheeses could taste, especially the cream cheese and cheddar.
All the cheeses were made with probiotics which helps to turn it into cheese when it is added to the grounded nuts.

For dessert, we had a colourful plate with forest berries, dark chocolate tart and lavender icecream.
The icecream was really interesting, it was light with an extremely viscous texture just like whipped egg white at a freezing temperature.

Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle:
5 Moon Street, Wan Chai, +852 2529 3319

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