Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Great noodles and great broth

Walked past quite a few times but couldn't try it because they were still setting up the place.

Photos of noodle house:

Nice chopsticks


Afternoon tea sets

There are four noodles to choose from:
Inaniwa udon, Japanese somen, crystal noodles and squid ink noodles.
For the broths, there was tomato, lobster or pickle cabbage soup.

Here was what I tried:
Squid ink noodles in lobster broth:

When it came, I was impressed because it had my favourite spinach, kelp and sweetcorn.
The lobster broth was rich but not too salty and the squid ink noodles absorbed the soup nicely.
Squid ink noodles in pickled cabbage soup:

The broth was really spicy but nice and there were lots of pickled cabbage.

The salad was interesting because the sauce was salty and not tangy.
Fried prawns:

The prawns were crisp and springy and it was good that they were served separately from the noodles so that they were not soggy.
Coco de nata and yoghurt pudding:

The pudding was really nice because it was not too sweet and there was a light yoghurt taste.
Coffee jelly with cream:

I didn't like it because it was extremely bitter.
Chilled plum noodles

When it came, I was surprised it was presented as nice as the product picture.
Anyway, I loved the taste of the noodles because they were al-dente and each strand was smooth.
When the noodles were dipped into the sauce, the noodles became tasty with lots of crisp grassy taste from the spring onions.
Noodle House
Shop 4, G/F, Sun Fung House, 52-60 Lyndhurst Terrace Central.

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