Thursday, October 30, 2014

All your favourite noodles under one roof

Noodle House (Central)

I have been here so many times because the broths are good and I like the noodles.

Went again and had the following.
Chinese herbal drink:

The sweetness was just right with a slight bitter taste.
Noodles in pickled cabbage soup with Kurobata pork:

The broth was really spicy but nice and there were lots of pickled cabbage.
Personally I did not like these noodles because the texture was too springy for my liking.
Somen noodles in tomato broth with scallops:

It was the first time trying out the tomato broth and it was surprisingly good because the tomato taste was natrual but I wanted the tomato broth to be more acidic.

The scallops were surprisingly good as well because they were springy and not the frozen tasteless types.
Squid ink noodles in lobster broth with angus beef:

The lobster broth was rich but not too salty and the squid ink noodles absorbed the soup nicely.

There was fresh spinach, sweetcorn and kelp in the soup.
Udon in lobster broth:

The udon noodles were silky and slippery.
Chilled tomatoes:

These were skinned and sweet drenched in prune juice.
Spicy pigs ears:

These were crunchy and spicy dressed in fragrant sesame oil.
Definitely coming back for the lobster broth or tomato broth!!

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