Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tsuen Wan's famous ramen joint : Ramen Taifu

Reformatted my phone by accident hence the small pictures because I was only able to retrieve them partially by getting a screen cap of the thumbnails.

Before the doors opened, there was already a queue.

Managed to get a seat in the corner and the staff were really friendly.
As the joint is quite small, they have a hook for your bags and they push your stool seats into the tiny bar tables.

For ramen, I tried the pork broth with fish which was really nice and the ramen was tasty because it hung the thick broth well.
On the side, there was fish powder which you gradually add in to get a stronger fish flavour.
There was so much ramen in the standard bowl so if your not a big eater you can ask for less.

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