Thursday, October 09, 2014

Artsy Fartsy desserts! Art Attack

Dined here ages ago but only wrote the review now because the dessert Chef wanted the dessert pictures to be a secret so that guests would get a surprise.
Since lots of people have already posted their desserts, you can't really say I am spilling the beans here.

I heard of this place when they opened but as there were no pictures, it wasn't convincing to fork out $1XX on dessert without a clue on how it looks like.
Finally saw pictures on Instagram and pictures posted by friends who have tried which made me give it a visit.

It is located in a new building hence many of the floors were still under decoration and the lifts were still covered in plastic film.

When I got up there, it was modern and simple with a nice view of Causeway bay and Wan Chai.

The menu reminded me of this TV program called Art Attack hosted by Neil Buchanan with splashes of paint for each dessert item.

A very nice menu but there are no pictures of the dessert!

I had my mind on several desserts but there were some elements that I did not like.

LIME: lime mousse, white chocolate (not keen) and chocolate mud
APPLE: macaron, apple jelly, caramel apple
PEANUT: caramel sauce, meringue, peanut parfait
STONE: raspberry sand, blood orange, white chocolate mousse (not keen)
STEAK: brownie (not keen), pop rocks, yoghurt ice cream.

It was a hard decision between the APPLE and the PEANUT, but in the end I got the APPLE because the macaron seemed like it was going to taste less sweet compared to the meringue.
I was given a dessert amuse bouche.

The cracker was quite stunning because they stuck pretty Maldon salt crystals that have a pyramid shape on it.
However the liquid amuse bouche served in a test tube was too sweet for my liking.
macaron, apple jelly, caramel apple

When the APPLE arrived, it was colourful and beautifully presented.
It was not just macaron, apple jelly and caramel apple on the plate but decorated with an edible Pansy flower, cream, berries and other sauces.
I really liked this dessert because the stewed apple pieces were big and there was a lot of cream which balanced out the sweetness of the macaron.

Tea was included with the dessert and I chose Earl grey.

The tea was a good ending to dessert because it helped clear the palate with a refreshing earl grey tea taste.

ATUM desserant
16/F, The L. Square,
459-461 Lockhart Road,
Causeway Bay.

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