Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Luxurious Hairy Crab Roe Set Menu at Shanghai Lo

This is one of the best Hairy crab meals I have tasted this year and the price was affordable too!
It was Shanghainese food with crab roe without the fuss of eating the hairy crab itself.
It costs $498 per person which includes a starter, main course, dim sum, dessert and ginger soup.

After having this meal, you are definitely going to feel guilty because the photos will reveal why.
You will see that it is pure crab roe and crabmeat and generous amounts of it too with vibrant glistening crab oil surrounding it!


To begin with we had Crispy bean curd sheet rolled with mushrooms, tea leaf smoked egg, garlic cucumber.
All of them were delectable especially the bean curd sheet roll and the creamy thick molten yolk from the egg which I used to dip the bean curd sheet in.
Sauteed bean sheets with hairy crab roe:
To begin with, there was my favourite bean sheets which tasted so nice with crab roe, they were hot and springy and the hot crab roe was fragrant with golden orange crab oil coming from it.

Crispy rice with hairy crab roe:

It was interesting to see rice crackers in an Oriental dish, but these crackers were light and crispy with a roasted rice taste which went well with the savoury crab roe.
The crackers were rather filling.

Braised beancurd with hairy crab roe:

More crab roe and this time it was paired with protein rich tofu which was silky and smooth.
Lasagne with hairy crab roe:

This was the final dish and my favourite because it was a fusion of Italian pasta sheets with crabmeat and crabroe.
I loved the texture of the pasta sheets which were firm and neatly layered.
When I used chopsticks to break it into smaller pieces the lasagne did not collapse.
Steamed pork dumpling with hairy crab roe:

The set finished with a plump pork dumpling oozing with pork and crab roe broth in the middle.
It was a satisfying meal because there were lots of carbohydrates and proteins to satisfy your hunger.
Dessert was black sesame dumpling in ginger soup which I didn't try.

Ginger tea:

Ginger tea is always paired with hairy crab meal.
The ginger tea had a nice fiery kick to it and it was sweet which made it less spicy.
The environment at this place is really classy and modern.

At the entrance on the ground floor, there is a really cheerful guy who I used to see working at the Causeway Bay branch of SASA cosmetics.
That guy has so much energy and charisma that he should be offered roles in movies or MTVs.
If it was not for him, I would have walked past Shanghai Lo without knowing it!!
Anyway, I will be back for the dim sum soon.
Restaurant: Shanghai Lo
1/F, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wan Chai
3125 3232

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