Friday, October 03, 2014

Pause for some Italian food at PAUSA

PAUSA means Pause in Italian so that was exactly what I did.
I paused here for lunch!!!!!

Previously, this used to be Beautifood but sadly it packed up.

Anyway, it is now an Italian joint selling pizzas, foccacias and pastas.

I got the pizza and foccacia and dined here.

The food comes in cute little boxes.
Tomato and basil pizza slice:

I really liked the pizza because the base was soft and the cheese was not burnt with lots of tomato puree on it.
It would be great of the basil taste was stronger.
Fontina cheese and ham foccacia:

The ham and cheese in the foccacia were wonderful but the ciabatta was a bit hard.
Chocolate icecream:

The chocolate was strong but the texture was a little powdery.
The bill: $75
3 Ship Street
Wan Chai
Tel: 2523 4168

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