Thursday, October 02, 2014

Great American comforts at The News Room Diner

Although I am British, any food that is British, American or French is comforting.

The News Room had a facelift and is now a Diner serving great American food.

The new look:

Here was what we had:
Fried crispy prawns:

These were peeled prawns coated in breadcrumbs on a stick and fried.
They were crispy and tasty complemented by the creamy dipping sauce.
Mac 'N' Cheese:

The Mac and cheese was my favourite because it was cheesy with a mix of chedder and creamy cheese. The macaroni was al-dente and it was comforting that they used proper macaroni and not the local stuff.
Quesadilla with pollo:

Quesadillas are always my favourite because it had gorgeous melted cheddar cheese in the middle with chicken served with my favourite sour cream, guacamole and salsa.
Sauteed vegetables:

The sauteed vegetables had a fragrant buttery garlic taste.
Crab salad:

We had the salad too as we ordered quite a bit of meat and it had my favourite crisp and sweet gem lettuce with fresh pieces of crabmeat.
Buffalo wings:

The wings were really tasty with the creamy blue cheese dressing and a dash of hot sauce to give it that Buffalo touch.
Philly cheese teak:

Although I am not fond of beef, this is one that I would eat because of the thinly slices of tasty beef and juicy green peppers, onions and delicious cheese.
Dirty Mexican:

This was a hotdog topped with spicy pulled pork in chipotle sauce.
I found the sauce a bit sweet and it was not spicy enough.
The wagyu:

The Wagyu burger was topped with bacon, cheese, tomato and truffle mayo.
As I wanted to try the desserts, I was too full to try this.
bbq pork ribs:

The ribs were sweet and soft but were a little on the dry side.
Now to the desserts which I was looking forward to!!
New York cheese case:

The cheesecake was dense and rich, with the top white layer having a strong cheese taste.
homed made donuts:

This was my favourite, soft and crisp donuts which went nicely with the cream and marmalade.
chocolate sundae:

hot fudge, caramel, peanuts with cookies ice cream.
I didn't try this because I was really full.
As a summary my favourites were: quesadilla, Philly cheese steak, macaroni and cheese and the home made donuts!!

The News Room Diner (鰂魚涌)

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