Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The odd one that is doing great

Had this gelato in late september last year and the queue was endless.

All their dessert creations are wonderful because there are so many different items in it.
I tried ohh tea which had Italian low fat soft gelato served on a bed of earl grey bergamot panna cotta, caramel apple, butter crumbs, organic jasmine tea sorbet, hibiscus tea espuma, strawberry tea caramel popcorn, and a chocolate dipped teabag.
It was just amazing with all these different layers. I loved the tea sorbet and each spoonful would be filled with different delights that will surprise you.

At the very bottom there was creamy panna cotta which blended well with the milky gelato tasting just like tea with milk.
It will be just a matter of time until they open a second branch, hopefully they will have a bigger shop so that people can eat there instead of standing in the streets!

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