Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fish and Chips again at White Beard

The pies were sold out again so I had Fish and Chips, a battered oyster and my favourite sausage.

They ran out of forks so I had to eat the fish with my hands, but luckily the batter held the fish together and it was light and crispy.
The fish was flakey and adding salt and vinegar made it taste even better.

The beer batter oyster was good too.

The star was my favourite pork sausage which was as equally as good as the fish but these pork sausages are so delicious.
Next time I am going to order the sausage in batter.

To finish of I had a fragrant Earl Grey tea which was really nice.

They have two types of teas so make sure you order the tea bag one if you don't like Hong Kong style tea.


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