Thursday, October 09, 2014

Maxim's 2014 colourful mooncakes

Maxim's Cake Shop (Central)
Tried Maxim's colourful mooncakes series which contains 16 flavours:

Mango, mixed berries, blueberry cheese, devils chocolate crunch, sesame with macadamia, mango chestnut, green bean paste with salty egg yolk, pink guava and apricot.

Taro and coconut, green tea with red beans, mango with grapefuit and greenbean, premium green beans, custard, blueberry duo, angel chocolate crunch and mango crunch.

The two that I wanted to try were the Taro and coconut and pink guava and apricot.
In the end I tried the Taro and coconut which was quite nice.

In the middle, there was taro paste.

The taste was quite coconutty and the taro paired nicely with it.
I would have liked it if the texture wasn't starchy but it is by default because they all contain mung beans.

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