Monday, October 27, 2014

K-pop Korean grill hits Mong Kok

Restaurant: MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR (Prince Edward)

Korean BBQ is getting popular and now there is one in Mong Kok on Nathan Road.

It is down the basement with hip décor, fume extraction fans and you can neatly store your bags in the seat by lifting the seat top off.

Usually with BBQ, you just get Wagyu beef and Iberian Pork but with Korean BBQ, there are so many rare cuts I have not seen before.
You can literally try any part of the pork or beef!

The menu was amazing and I deeply appreciate their menu because it has English, Chinese and Korean with photos which really helps when people are not familiar with the cuts.

There is a good selection of seafood too to cater for people who do not eat much red meat.

Started off with the ox tongues and ox belly which was thinly sliced and easy to cook.

The belly was served with lettuce to balance out the fattiness which made it delicious and appetizing.

Then we had the Prime spare ribs which was a huge piece of meat that was unrolled on the grill, then cut into pieces when it was nearly cooked.

The rib was juicy and soft with an even fat marbling.
It was followed by my favourite juicy rib eye which was fun grilling that.

After getting through a fair bit of beef, we were given some chilled pumpkin and wolfberry puree which was sweet and soothing.

It was time for seafood and vegetables.

I was surprised they had Ganjang Gejang (Raw Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce) as well as specializing in BBQ meats.

As a carb lover, it was comforting having delicious warm rice with yolk like crab roe that was flavoured by the soy sauce.

After that, we grilled the huge prawns which were neatly sliced in the middle to make it easier for grilling.

The egg on the edges were ready to eat.

We then took a break from grilling and had the pan fried zucchini pancakes and the panfried seafood pancake which were filling.

The noodles were also soothing because Korean noodles were iced and they have sweet crispy pear slices in it.

If you have been watching Korean soaps, you would have noticed them eating Pig's skin and they have it here too!~
The texture is really different to the Chinese ones which are springy with capillaries. The pig's skin was surprisingly chewy with a strong elasticity.

Last but not least, INTESTINES of pork and beef which I did not try.

After all that I was extremely full and I would recommend this place for gatherings where people can try different cuts of pork and beef.
On the menu, there are some interesting cuts like chuck flap tail and skirtmeat.

As well as good food, there are a wide range of drinks too including Korean alcohol such as chamisul-fresh, Chung ha, Backseju, Maehwasu, Sansachun, Maggeolli, bokboonjaju, Erdinger, Asahi and HITE Hite.

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