Friday, October 24, 2014

New Peruvian chicken joint : Healthy Chicken

Ever since I found out about Healthy Chicken I have been meaning to go because I love chicken but it wasn’t open yet.

Walked past one day and they were doing a soft opening.
Just took some quick photographs because there was a group of people there probably thinking that this girl is weird taking photos or they must have thought that I could have been a competitor or something like that.

I liked the menu because you can get plain chicken, chicken with sides or chicken wraps.

For the chicken, you can get the breast (which is skinless), the whole leg or even chicken wings.
Not many roast chicken shops have chicken wings on their own because it comes attached to the breast.

I went for the plate which had chicken with all the sides they have on offer, but since they were soft opening there was no cheese, pinto beans or the full choice of sauces.

Basically you choose which part of the chicken you want and then you go to the sides counter and lastly you choose a sauce and pay for it.
Next time I will try the breast because it seems to be kept moist in some liquid.


My box of chicken being processed.

Three different rice flavours: brown, tomato and spinach.

Vegetables: tomato mix, grilled peppers and lettuce.

Black beans

Ready to go after the sauce was put in.
(only two sauces that day because they were not officially open.)

The price was $68 which was about right compared to La Rotisserie and Flame.

The box is big with their logo stuck on it.

On the lid, it has the words Thank you on it.

Roast chicken:



Tomato mix and grilled peppers:

Overall, I loved the rice especially the spinach and tomato flavoured one. The chicken was good but I think it would have been nicer if I ate it there.
Next time I will go for the breast instead of the chicken leg.

Hope to see more Peruvian items as this joint is listed as Peruvian.

Shop A2, 
G/F, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 
87 Wellington St. Central.

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