Monday, October 06, 2014

McDelivery!! Hong Kong's McBreakfast

I used to assume McDelivery was only available from lunch to midnight but when I found out that they deliver breakfast too, I decided to order breakfast because the queues are always long at McDonalds.

Fish muffin:

Tried the fish muffin which was new.
It is basically the same as the filet-o-fish but in a muffin.

It was really nice because the muffin was chewy and dusted with a delicious maize powder.
The fish muffin was good but there was not enough tartar sauce and not enough cheese which gives it a salty flavour.
Breakfast set:

I got this because of the scrambled eggs with mushrooms and the rashers of bacon.
The scrambled eggs were disappointing because the mushrooms did not have any flavour and the bacon was dry and hard.

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