Monday, October 27, 2014

Mexican food from Quarry Bay to Central

Mr Taco Truck (Central)

This shop used to be a tiny joint in Quarry Bay but now it is a proper restaurant in Central with comfortable seating and more delicious items on the menu.

Mexican food is not just Chili con carne and tacos, there are so many different things, some with a Spanish touch which is why they speak Spanish too.

Quite alot of the food revolves using ingredients such as avocado, lime and tomatoes which are all my favourite because they make a refreshing combination.

Here was what we had:
Quesadilla Supreme with Al Pastor Pork:

Quesadillas are my favourite because it is cheesey with delicious avocado and salsa filling.
Super Nachos with Chicken:

I am not fond of nachos but the nachos here were thin and crispy paired with appetizing salsa and guacamole.
Refried beans with nachos:

Although this was plain and simple, this was my favourite because refried beans are velvety and silky.
Grilled Fish Taco:

I loved these soft tacos with delicate fish and finely chopped salad on top.
Mexican beef stew (Birria en caldo) $138:

Served with Lime, Onion, Cilantro, Flour Tortilla or White Rice.
This was my favourite because it tasted like a rich beef broth with delicious rice and cilantro in it.
Chicken Mole (Mole con pollo):

I have always wanted to try this because the sauce is made with cocao which gives it an interesting taste yet it is not sweet.
Mexican Seafood paella $288:

As well as the chicken mole, this was another one of my favourites because the rice is cooked in prawn broth which gives it a strong seafood taste and they have also put baby squids for more flavour.
Grilled Adobo-Marinated Beef & Pork:

This was meat and more meat which is great for guys.
The pork was tender and well marinated.
Mexican Corn Bread:

The corn bread here is different and the best compared to other ones I have tried because it is lovely and soft with an eggy taste.
Homemade Churro with Chocolate Dip:

The churros are freshly made so they have a crispy coating while it is soft on the inside.
Mexican Banana split:

This does not taste like your regular banana because they are plantains which have a soft and mushy texture.
Sweet crepes with homemade icecream:

I didn't try the crepe, but the sweetcorn icecream was amazing, there was so much sweetcorn in it.
The texture is different to normal icecream because there are flakes of ice in it that give it a special mouthfeel and taste.
Their icecream is so unique they should have a Mexican icecream parlour.
For Christmas, they have various packages for the office or you can hold a party there because the upper floor is big enough for 22 people and 50 people for the whole restaurant.
Book early and to take advantage of discounts, please see other reviews for full details.

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