Tuesday, October 14, 2014

666 Halloween pizza

Halloween is drawing closer so I had the Halloween set which costs a devilish $666 that includes chicken wings, garlic bread, four non alcoholic drinks, ONE Halloween pizza, pasta and a dessert.

There are three different Halloween pizzas: Ghost house pizza, Spider web and spooky eyes!!

Ghost house pizza :

The ghost pizza was the simplest but most delicious because it had 'Nduja' which is a spicy, spreadable pork sausage from Italy.
It was a salty and meaty chili sauce which really gave life to a dead pizza that had so many ghosts on it!!

Spider web:
The spider web has ham, olives and mushrooms

Spooky eyes:

The spooky eyes has salami, olives and mascarpone on a charcoal dough pizza.
I liked this one because of the creamy mascarpone and smoked salami.

A plate of torture!!!
Delicious al-dente pasta with a thneringer sausage and pieces of bacon.
The Halloween feast was finished with a burning dessert, crisp pizza slices paired with icecream.

Shop 3, G/F., Kiu Ying Building,
2D Finnie Street Quarry Bay.

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