Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Tai Cheong jumpbo pandan egg tart cake

Previously tried the huge jumbo egg tart cake at Tai Cheong which got popular.
At first they began with the lemon flavour and then they launched the chocolate one.
For Halloween, they have the new pandan flavour as well as the other two flavours with Halloween images on it.

The lady at the till forgot to add the Halloween images on it.
When I started taking photos of the promotional poster she realized she forgot about the Halloween finishing on the cake and offered to add it for me but as it was just icing sugar that will make the cake sweeter I did not bother with it.

As well as forgetting that, she also forgot that there was a special box for it that says jumbo eggtarts.

Anyway, the egg tart cake tasted the best out of the three flavours.
Initially I was skeptical because I tried their Japanese Pandan cheesecake and didn't like it.

But the egg tart cake version is definitely good because it has triple pandan flavour, there is a layer of pandan cake, pandan cream and pandan pudding layer.

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