Sunday, December 08, 2013

Memory of school common rooms

At school, I have always been curious of the Teachers room, the only room that pupils could not enter so when we got our common room it felt really special.
It was a place just for 5th year pupils at secondary school.
Whilst it was exciting progressing on to the 5th year, at the same time I was dreading it because it was the last year of school before heading off to college and not everyone attends college so you don't see them anymore.

Thanks to JJ for inviting me to The Common Room which reminded me of school.

It was a lovely gathering environment for drinks and food.
The small twisting flight of stairs at the entrance was interesting.

Anyway, here was what we tried:
Pulled pork poutine:Melted chedder cheese and bbq sauce

Addictive fries topped with delicious gravy and bbq sauce with melted cheese, and the pulled pork makes it satisfying.
Chicken lollipopsCoated with maple syrup

Irresistible chicken lollipops with a crispy coating enhanced by the maple syrup and sweet sauce.
Charred sweet corn salad

This was simple and delicious, nachos topped with corn, purple onions and diced tomatoes flavoured with spices.
Flatbreadcaramelized onions, wild mushrooms, goats cheese and truffle

This was a bit like pizza and a bit like crackers topped with delicious goats cheese on top with the fragrant truffle and sweet caramelized onions and earthy mushrooms.
Portobello mushroom slidersgruyere, caramelized onions and avocado

These sliders were cute and I loved the way the mushroom was bigger than the bun.
It was really satisfying and meaty but not heavy because it was just a juicy mushroom in the middle with melted gruyere cheese and guacamole.
Madison lobster roll seasoned with lemon juice and paprika and served on toasted bun
Anyone who loves the lobster roll at IEM will love this!!
Meaty, sweet and fresh lobster in the middle, seasoned by plain lemon juice and paprika.
I will definitely be back for this because it is simplistic and yummy and the bun was really nice because it was not sweet.
Bailey’s coffee cheese cake with Bailey’s irish cream with coffee

To finish off we had this cheesecake topped with Bailey's Irish cream which really enhanced the flavours of the cheesecake.
Chocolate pudding with molten chocolate centre.
If the cheesecake was not enough, we had this delicious gooey chocolate pudding with a molten centre.
For drinks I had the AIRMAIL which had Aged rum, honey, fresh lime juice, champagne and orange flower water.
The name AIRMAIL was so classic because these days people don't send letters and with the internet you don't need to send airmail.
When it arrived, there was folded paper plane on the drink which really represented the cocktail.
The drink was nice and strong to start you off in party mood!

Then I had Tom and Jerry a Christmas drink which had a dash of spiced rum, whisky bourbon and an assortment of spices like cloves, cinnamon, star anis and just a sprinkle of nutmeg, with generous milky foam on top.
It was served warm in a mug.

The drink was gorgeous sipping it slowly having the foamy milk contrasted by the warm drink at the bottom.
It had tones of mint and cinnamon bringing you a lovely season of Christmas!


  1. I really like your intro, that reminds me of those good old days.

    1. :) Hope to see u soon...haven't seen u for ages.

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