Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A kiss from Central blown to Wan Chai

Kisses Cupcakes (Wan Chai)

Glad another cake shop has opened in WanChai.

The location is easier to get to because the Central branch is uphill.

Kisses Cupcake is located on the corner of QRE.

There is a cute mustache mat at the entrance which I forgot to take a picture, but when you step in the shop you will see it.
They have their all their current cup cakes listed on the wall.

The cakes are nicely displayed behind the glass cabinet.

There is a bar table and stools so that you can eat your cake there.

s'mores cupcake:

Tried the marshmallow cupcake which had melted marshmallow on top of the cake.

In the middle of the cupcake there was some chocolate fondant.

The marshmallow was nice and gooey just like fluffs marshmallow spread.


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