Thursday, April 04, 2013

Improved Shiretoko Zarusoba with more sauce than before

Restaurant: Kurotaki (Causeway Bay)

I was with Mjqueen7e who was just recovering from food poisoning and had not eaten for two days so it was a delicate choice to choose what to eat.

Usually the locals will eat congee, but congee is not as healthy as it seems because it contains a lot more oils than you think.
It certainly does not work for me because it makes me more sick, so usually I go for breads or noodles!
Again, Chinese noodles contains a film of oil on top of the broth.

Finally, came here for soba noodles.

I chose the Chilled Shiretoko Zarusoba with sesame and black garlic oil sauce for the THIRD TIME because this was my third time dining here.
As for my foodie friend, I recommended the plain soba which is just soba in soup. No meat, No oil and it was hot too!

Chilled Shiretoko Zarusoba with sesame and black garlic oil sauce:
Compared to my previous visit, there was a perfect balance of black garlic and sesame sauce.

On my second visit, there was too much sesame sauce and not enough black garlic sauce.
See photos on second visit:
If you see the photos on my first visit, there was practically no sauce at all!
photos on first visit:
Anyway, with the appropriate amount of sauce, the noodles were really refreshing balanced by the lovely black garlic aroma.

I loved the crunch from the buckwheat seeds and I wish there were more of them.
Plain soba:

Luckily the soup was quite salty, because after having had food poisoning everything tastes tasteless and there is a craving for salty foods to replace the lost salts and fluids.
As I experienced food poisoning recently I was downing MSG laden soups when I was sick which is something I do not usually do.
I would just like to Thank my Mjqueen7e who had food poisoning for treating me to soba and still dining out with me while she was sick.
I do not normally go back to restaurants twice unless there are new dishes or the items are really good.
So I suppose the soba here is good!

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