Friday, April 12, 2013

Delicious pork cutlets from Ca-Tu-Ya

Ca-Tu-Ya (Kowloon Bay)

Ca-Tu-Ya is a chain restaurant from Japan where there are more than 210 branches.

They are a fast food restaurant similar to Yoshinoya but serving different foods.

Basically the famous items here are pork cutlets which are coated in their specially selected breadcrumbs.
The breadcrumbs are coarse so that the breadcrumb coating does not retain oil and does not taste oily.
There are two types of pork cutlet: pork filet and pork cutlet.
As well as pork they now serve deep fried chicken cutlet and prawn.
The deep fried items come with cabbage, rice and soup, they also have sets with curry sauce or tonkatsu sauce, and then there is a scrambled egg set too.
If you have ordered the set without sauce and feel that it is a bit dry, there are plenty of other sauces on the table such as mustard, sesame sauce and pork chop sauce which also taste great too.

The sets come in different sizes which I though were choice of sauces because in Japanese it said bamboo or plum.
The pork is served in grams too stated on the menu.
Grape soda:
Delicious grape soda.
Miso and vegetable soup:

The soup was made with a mix of white miso and red miso which gave it a balanced taste.

There were lots of vegetables and spring onions which enhanced the taste and there was tender slices of pork in it.

Deep fried prawns set:

A generous portion with five prawns!
Deep fried chicken cutlet bowl with special tonkatsu sauce:

The chicken was delicious but I wish there was more tonkatsu sauce.
Deep fried chicken with curry sauce:

chicken cutlet
The curry sauce was delicious and sufficient which made the chicken and rice a perfect match.
Deep fried pork cutlet set:

Deep fried pork cutlet and prawn set:

Deep fried pork filet set:
Most of the people at the tasting preferred the pork cutlet, but I felt that the filet tasted better in terms of texture and flavour.

I liked the thinness of the pork because it was similar to an escalope.

Deep fried pork cutlet bowl with scrambled egg:

The rice beneath was nice and moist but the pork cutlet was a bit too thick.

There could have been more egg.
If Kowloon Bay is too far for you!
A new Ca-Tu-Ya branch is going to open in Mong Kok soon near the aquarium market!

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