Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delicious omurice at Kitsu No Heya

Before this place changed owners, I never found it attractive, there was no dining area so it was only convenient for people working or living in the area.

After I read Ivy's review I realised that the owners have changed and they now do Omurice.

Ever since I tried it at Tin Hau I was craving for it again.

The pictures in Ivy's review looked really similar to the Omurice at Tin Hau which was why I was so keen to try it.

Luckily there was a seat so I was able to dine there.

The menu does not have English

Basically the food is cooked in the small kitchen.

I ordered the Omurice with sea urchin, squid ink flavoured omelette and curry sauce.
With every omurice there is a choice of ketchup, cream sauce, spicy sauce or curry.

They also have the semi cooked omelette which I would have ordered if I saw it beforehand.

Miso soup:
This came with the omurice and it was miso soup with quite a few pieces of seaweed in it.
The soup was not that salty which was good.
The omurice came quite fast and it was garnished with mustard cress and tomato slices.
The size is slightly smaller than the one at Tin Hau.
I really liked the fried rice because there was no oily taste or smell.
Each grain of rice was evenly flavoured and the texture was just right, not too soft or hard.

Initially I thought they were cubes of pumpkin, but when I asked them they said it was sea urchin.
They have mixed the sea urchin with flour to made it springy like fishballs which was interesting.
Otherwise when sea urchin is cooked with rice, it disappears due to its paste like texture.
The curry sauce was quite watery but it was quite appropriate because it was there so that the rice and omelette would not be so dry without overpowering it.
The omelette had a nice squid ink taste.
Coconut layered pudding:For dessert, the omurice comes with this cute coconut layered pudding.
It was a strange ending to the perfect omurice with a Thai dessert.
After talking to the chef, he said he used to work at the Tin Hau restaurant which was why the taste was the same.
I will probably be back to try the Tom Yum Kung Omurice on my next visit.
As well as Omurice they also have sushi, fried snacks and udon noodles.

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