Friday, April 05, 2013

Back for more rice rolls with beef

Shop: 潮城燒臘粥店 (Wan Chai)

Came back for more delicious rice rolls with beef.

Rice rolls with beef:
As always these were delicious, they had delicious dried tangerine peel in it.
After I had half the plate there was not enough soy sauce, and the soy sauce on the table is different.
Rice rolls with fried dough stick:

They did not taste good this time because the fried dough stick tasted rancid.
Since I found this better place for these, I do not come here for them anymore.
The congee was too oily and thick.
Fried noodles:Although the noodles were tasteless, you can add soy sauce and chili oil to it to make it taste better.
The temperature of the noodles were hot which was good because on my last visit they were cold.

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