Monday, April 08, 2013

Pung pung Laksa noodles set

Restaurant: 碰麵撈麵專門店 (Mong Kok)

Ordered the set because it had Laksa vermicelli for $48.

The set was interesting because it came with herbs and butter toast, seaweed, Roselle tea drink and a tofu pudding (subject to availability).

As well as that I tried the intestines with soy wasabi sauce.

It was tea time so there were not many people.

Roselle tea:

The sweetness was just right and it basically tastes like ribena with a rosy taste.
Butter toast and seaweed:

Initially I assumed it was garlic bread but it was herbs and butter which was quite nice.
It was interesting it came with seaweed too! The seaweed tasted natural with a hint of sesame oil but the green colour was artificial because it came off on the toast.
Weird combination to pair seaweed and toast!
Laksa vermicelli:
The laksa broth tasted more like prawn broth with added lemongrass to it.
It was not spicy which was good because I did not feel like anything spicy that day.
If you have tried the seafood broth at this place, the broth tastes like that enhanced with lemongrass.
On top of the vermicelli, there was a huge piece of pork chop with shimeji and enoki mushrooms.
Intestines with soy wasabi sauce:

The colour of these intestines were quite dark! Usually they are bright orange or natural.
I tried them without the sauce and it was already flavoured and quite nice.
The texture of them were soft and springy.
After dipping them in wasabi sauce they tasted even better.
Tofu pudding:

The taste of the pudding was really nice and not too sweet.
The soybean taste was strong and it seems to be made with soymilk and gelatin.

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